We stock all types of batteries for off grid and grid connected/hybrid systems.

Lithium Batteries For grid connected / hybrid and off grid systems

    • LG Chem, BYD, PylonTech and GCL lithium battery packs. (Use a Goodwe SBP to retrofit these to an existing grid connected solar system. It runs with the existing inverter…. No need to changeover your existing inverter). Retrofit kits available..
    • BYD lithiums have a high surge rating... ideal for off grid systems.
    • LG CHEM lithiums in 3.3, 6.5 and 10kwh sizes. Expansion pack kits etc...
    • Freighted Australia-wide. Call or email us to put in an order.
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Off Grid System Batteries

Narada Lead –Carbon batteries that have a 7000 cycle/20 yr lifetime. (these are the pick for off grid/Stand Alone Systems).… in 2V, 6V and 12VDC (48VDC banks) 240Ah to 2400Ah.

Also available …. BAE, Giant Power GEL and Giant Power AGM batteries.
There are too many battery types and sizes to list here, so call us or use the contact form and we can sort out exactly what you need.


Lead Carbon Batteries have a very long 7000 cycle life at 30% DOD.
(7000 cycles is approximately 19 years.)


All in one off grid system. Pre-configured with inverter/charger, input and output switchgear and batteries in the one enclosure. We can supply kits for you or supply and installation.

(Available in all sizes and configurations for all types of off grid installations.)

Call or fill in the contact form and we can sort out what you need.