Residential Systems

We supply and install grid connected solar power systems with or without batteries. Equipment available  includes SMA, Fronius, SunGrow, Goodwe and ABB inverters and Tier 1 Panels such as Trina, Risen, Jinko, Q-Cells, GCL and Canadian Solar. And Lithium batteries from LG and GCL.

We also have Tesla PowerWall ready systems using Solar Edge or Fronius inverters. Call or use the contact form for more information….

Solar Hybrid Lithium Battery System with 6KW Array and 5.6kwh lithium battery.

Store the Suns Power and slash your power bills...

6KW Lithium Hybrid Battery System, 23x 265W Tier 1 panels with a Goodwe Hybrid dual MPPT inverter and a GCL 5.6 kwh lithium battery pack. The panels charge up the lithium battery during the day and the battery powers your home at night.

Get rid of your day and night time power consumption and slash your power bill.

Supplied and installed for $12790 inc gst. or Finance .. 60 months.. $73pw. Thousands of dollars under a Tesla System.

Generates approximately 25kwh/day average over the year. Up to 36kwh/day in summer.

Hybrid battery systems featuring LG CHEM, BYD, Pylontech and GCL lithiums. Goodwe, SolaX and Sungrow hybrid inverters.


Retrofit lithium battery kits for existing solar systems.

Store the suns Power and slash your power bills...

With these kits you can upgrade your existing solar system to a hybrid lithium battery storage system and store the power your solar generates during the day and power your home at night from the lithium battery.

Get rid of your day and night time power consumption and slash your power bills.

Retrofit lithium battery kits featuring LG Chem, GCL, BYD or PylonTech lithiums can be retrofitted to your existing system using the SMA SunnyStorage or Goodwe SBP or BP interfaces..... call  for information and pricing...


The charger has a 5 year manufacturers warranty and the lithium battery 7 years manufacturers warranty.

We can supply the kits to you so your local electrician can install it or we can supply and install the kits. Call 0423 486945