Off Grid - Stand Alone Systems

A Stand-Alone Off Grid System allows you complete control over your power use. Have you had enough of the power companies or you live in a remote area.. we have a solution for you.

We can supply and install or supply only…. any size off grid system you need from small systems to run a caravan or shack.....right up to large systems to run a any size home. (We recommend Victron Inverter/chargers and BYD lithiums for house type installations. Top quality gear with a long service life).
Also available are commercial off grid systems for farms, remote industrial sites, irrigation pump stations etc…

We use high quality brands, including SMA and Victron inverters / chargers. And BYD lithiums and Narada Lead-Carbon GEL 48VDC battery banks.
We also have backup diesel and petrol generators available.

Contact us for advice on the best type of system for your needs… Call  or send in your details on the
contact form ….

We will need to know what you want to run ( cabin, house, farm, solar pump station etc..), approximately how many kwh’s a day load the site uses, and the location of the site. Put those details on the contact form and we will call you back.


SMA AC Coupled Off Grid System with batteries all in the one cabinet….SMA Sunny-Island SI8 and SMA SB5000TL21 with 40kwh battery bank. (Auto backup genset ready.)


We stock all types of batteries….

Narada Lead –Carbon batteries that have a 7000 cycle/20 yr lifetime. (These are the pick for off grid/Stand Alone Systems as they offer very long life and plenty of surge power). … in 2V, 6V and 12VDC (48VDC banks) 240Ah to 2400Ah..


BYD and SimpliPhi Lithiums. GEL and AGM batteries. 48VDC battery banks. Sonnechein, BAE, Giant Power…

There are too many battery types and sizes to list here, so call us or use the contact form and we can sort out exactly what you need.