Commercial Systems

Do you own a business that uses a lot of power during daylight hours ? Air conditioning, refrigeration, lighting, electric motors/machinery, farm equipment etc....
Hotels, motels, supermarkets, shops, workshops, processing plants, farms, schools (a/c and lighting) etc.....

Any business that uses a lot of power during daylight hours can cancel out their daytime portion of their power bill with a solar power system. This is called “offsetting” your daytime load…. by using power directly from your rooftop solar system and not bringing power in from the grid. So, you are in effect saving at whatever your current tariff rate is. On some of the higher tariffs a commercial solar system can pay for itself in around 2 years.

We look at your power bills and work out the correct sized system to cancel out your daytime power use.

No Deposit Finance.

We can arrange finance or a lease where you pay nothing upfront and the monthly payments are less than the electricity savings you will make.

The system easily pays for itself. It costs you nothing ! .

  • It's a "No Brainer"... if your business has high daytime power use you need a solar power system.
  • Most business’s within the next few years will install a solar power system to offset their daytime load. Why wait for your competitors to get the head start on you ?
  • Call us or complete the contact form and we can arrange a consultation…

We use only top quality equipment to ensure you have long and trouble free service from your system. We use SMA , Fronius and ABB inverters and tier 1 panels from Trina, Jinko, Risen, Canadian Solar and Q-Cells. We have commercial systems available from 5KW to 100KW…… talk to one of our consultants and we can size a system to suit your business.

Note: For systems under $20K… Pay Cash and Claim the ATO $20K tax writeoff.


A 15.6KW System on a Country Hotel.

(Cutting out their daytime power costs… refrigeration, air conditioning etc… all powered for free from the sun.)